VARTA Storage Resellers

This is a list of VARTA storage battery resellers. Note that to avoid spam and misuse of data we have not included links to websites or contact details.  However if you need to contact a reseller, email us and we can provide their details.

Premium resellers are highlighted.

  • ABS Australian Battery Solar and Energy Solutions (VIC, NSW, SA)
  • AC Solar Warehouse – Main distributor for VARTA in Australia
  • AEES (VIC)
  • Ausave (NSW)
  • Cool or Cozy (SA)
  • Green Energy Needs (VIC)
  • Grow Energy (VIC)
  • Metro Solar (VIC)
  • Mannix Solar (SA)
  • Pure Green Energy (VIC)
  • Rawsons Electrical (SA)
  • RMS (VIC and National)
  • Solarspot (SA)
  • Solarzone (VIC and QLD)
  • Sunscape Electrical (VIC)
  • Tindo (SA and VIC)
  • Best Price on Solar (VIC)
  • Epic Kinetic (VIC)
  • Mildura Renewables (VIC and SA)
  • Solar Commercial (VIC)
  • Solar Electricity Melbourne (VIC)
  • Solar for Business (VIC)
  • Solar for Business Melbourne (VIC)
  • Solar for Homes Melbourne (VIC)
  • Solar for Houses (VIC)
  • Solar Home Solutions (VIC)
  • Sun Lizard (VIC)
VARTA Pulse 6.5kWh